Language Immersion Education

for the Children of San Antonio

ISSA is a full-day, language immersion school offering high quality programs in French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. These programs were created to help young children learn about the world, while learning a new language at the same time!

Our Approach

Continuous Immersion

We start delivering our unique program in a full language immersion environment (French or Mandarin Chinese). Instruction is given in your child’s target language, and continues with dual-language and trilingual immersion from Pre-K to grade 5.

Rigorous Curriculum

We take the best educational practices from around the world and the Texas learning standards, combined to create a unique framework. This includes the Core Knowledge Program, the French National Curriculum, and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

Hands-on Activities

These activities target sensory discovery and building essential skills. Your child will have support at every stage from experienced teachers, trained to help children reach milestones in their development through guided activities.

Developing Essential Skills