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Our language immersion week-long summer camps are a fun opportunity for new students to get started with French or Mandarin Chinese or to keep up their language during the summer. The camps are geared towards students ages 3-12. Children participate in hands-on activities, such as arts and crafts,  cooking, storytelling and singing, while acquiring a target language.
Each session is available for Full Day (9AM to 3PM) and Half Day (9AM to 12PM) enrollment.

Aftercare is available (dependent on sufficient registration).

Tuition per child for summer camp

Full-time $330
Half-time $185

* Culinary camps will have an additional food supplies fee of $30 (or $20 in case of a half-day schedule).


Five Days in the World of Art (3-12)

5 Days in the World of Art

Ages 3-12 | July 6-10

In this camp, children will be introduced to the world of art through a thoughtful curriculum prepared by a specialist art teacher and delivered in French. They will learn, explore and create drawings, paintings, sculpture and more. They will also learn about famous artists from the French-speaking world.

Vive La France (3-12)

Vive La France

Ages 3-12 | July 13-17

Celebrate Bastille Day (14 juillet) with us during our “Vive la France” camp! Children will learn about the fascinating history and culture of France through stories and hands-on activities. They’ll hear about “The Three Musketeers”, make Napoleon’s hat, cook french crêpes, play pétanque, and more!

Lights! Camera! Action! (6-12)

Lights! Camera! Action!

Ages 6-12 | July 20-24

Interested in making a movie this summer? In our “Lights! Camera! Action!” camp, students will prepare a script, film and help edit their own movie. They will learn about special effects with our own green screen. Families will be invited to a special movie premiere at the end of the week.

Musical Awakening (5-12)

Musical Awakening

Ages 5-12 | July 27-31

French vocalist and musician Pascale Valy will lead students through a week filled with music. Children will acquire the basics of music, sing songs, explore the instruments and even learn to play the flute. The curriculum will include many well-known songs from Francophone countries.

Little Chefs (5-12)

Little Chefs

Ages 5-12 | August 3-7

With the expert guidance of our French native instructor and a cooking master Isabelle Hall, children will explore the world of French food. They will make classic favorites such as crêpes, quiche, chocolate mousse and more. At the end of the week, families will be invited for a special Dégustation.


Flavors of Asia (3-12)

Flavors of Asia

Ages 3-12 | July 6-10

Does your child love bubble tea, sushi and fried rice or just want to try them for the first time? In “Flavors of Asia” students will learn about different famous foods from Asia and get a chance to make some favorites. Families will be invited to a special tasting event at the end of the week.

A Journey Through China (3-12)

A Journey Through China

Ages 3-12 | July 13-17

China is home to diverse cultures and places. Children will learn about several regions of China, each with their own unique identity in our “Journey through China” camp. They will learn about performing arts in Sichuan, handicrafts from Yunnan, songs from the Uighur region, and more!

Dinosaurs of China (3-12)

Dinosaurs of China

Ages 3-12 | July 20-24

Did you know that many of the world’s largest collections of dinosaur fossils are found in China? In our “Dinosaurs of China” camp, we will learn about dinosaurs, especially those found in China. We will make our own fossils, learn about how dinosaurs lived and have fun in the world of the dinosaurs!

China STEM (3-12)

China STEM

Ages 3-12 | July 27-31

Through STEM-based activities, students will learn colors, numbers, animals and shapes while learning about rockets, tangrams, ancient pottery and more. We will include several Chinese inventions, such as rockets and paper making, in our exploration of China STEM.

Chinese Traditional Arts (3-12)

Chinese Traditional Arts

Ages 3-12 | August 3-7

China is home to a long history of arts and crafts. In our “Chinese Traditional Arts” camp, children will learn about and make their own sancai porcelain, calligraphy, paper cuts and more. They will deepen their knowledge of Chinese arts and culture in this camp.